SimCity - Trainers, Cheats

SimCity - Trainers, Cheats
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SimCity: Cities Of Tomorrow Trainer +13 Offline Version {MrAntiFun}
Attention - working only in Offline Mode and on licensed Game
F1 - Trainer Activation
[x] - Set Amount Money
[x] - Set Min Level Employees
[x] - Set average Level Employees
[x] - Set high Level Employees
[x] - Set Overall Population
[x] - Set students
[x] - Set Min Level buyers
[x] - Set average Level buyers
[x] - Set high Level buyers
[x] - Industrial Cargos
[x] - Set Min Level tourists
[x] - Set average Level tourists
[x] - Set high Level tourists
SimCity-Cities-Of-Tomorrow-treyner-13-Offline-Version-MrAntiFun.rar (332)
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