Two Worlds 2: Pirates of the Flying Fortress - Trainers, Cheats

Two Worlds 2: Pirates of the Flying Fortress - Trainers, Cheats
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Codes for game Two Worlds 2: Pirates of the Flying Fortress

- Most codes are sensitive To register - go All Cheat-Codes only as they are written;
- before editing files, do not forget to create their backup copies;
- before using Cheat-codes it is recommended to Save game, as it is not All Cheat-Codes can be Undo.

In Time game Press on the [~] key for the console call, Where enter TwoWorldsCheats 1 for activating Mode codes. Then enter Codes:

healH - Full Health
AddGold # - Get # Gold
SetGold # - Set Amount Gold (# - number)
AddSkillPoints # - Add # Skills
AddParamPoints # - Add # Points
AddExperiencePoints # - Add # units Experience
SetStrength # - Get # units force
ResetFog - Open map (Disable fog War)
create potion_mana_01 Small potion Mana
create potion_mana_02 Average potion Mana
create potion_mana_03 Big potion Mana
create potion_healing_01 Small potion health
create potion_healing_02 Average potion health
create potion_healing_03 Big potion health

School magic wind
magic_lighting Thunderbolt
magic_heal Healing
magic_bless Bless
magic_destroyundead Destroy Undead
magic_push Shock Wave
magic_concentration Concentration
magic_shieldofmagic Shield of Magic
magic_regeneration Regeneration
magic_lightingshield Lightning Shield
magic_push_wave Concentric Shock Wave
magic_aid Aid
magic_summon_air_elemental Summon Air Elemental
magic_lightingstorm Lightning Storm
magic_strengthofgod Strength of God
magic_resurrection Resurrection

School magic water
magic_icebolt Icebolt
magic_confusion Confusion
magic_summon_reaper Summon Reaper
magic_freezingwave Freezing Wave
magic_shadow Shadow
magic_iceshield Ice Shield
magic_summon_spider Summon Spider
magic_iceray Ice Ray
magic_unsummon Unsummon
magic_summon_wyvern Summon Wyvern
magic_protfromfire Flame Shield
magic_summon_scorpio Summon Scorpion
magic_blizzard Blizzard
magic_summoningaura Summoning Aura

School magic Fire
magic_firebolt Firebolt
magic_firewall Firewall
magic_overpower Overpower
magic_summon_minion Summon Minion
magic_fireball Fireball
magic_firering Firering
magic_fireshield Fireshield
magic_firespray Firespray
magic_firefield Firefield
magic_summon_hellwarrior Summon Hellwarrior
magic_firewave Firewave
magic_chaosrage Chaos Rage
magic_summon_devil Summon Devil
magic_meteor Meteor
magic_summon_hellmaster Summon Hellmaster

School magic earth
magic_spikes Spikes
magic_chains Chains
magic_rustweapon Rust Weapon
magic_ironskin Ironskin
magic_magichammer Magical Hammer
magic_rustarmour Rust Armour
magic_summon_stonegolem Summon Stonegolem
magic_stonewall Stonewall
magic_adamantium Adamantium
magic_summon_irongolem Summon Irongolem
magic_eruption Eruption
magic_ivy Ivy
magic_earthblessing Earth Blessing
magic_reflectionshield Reflection Shield
magic_summon_adamegolem Summon Adamegolem

School Necromancy
magic_poinsonblade Poisonous Blade
magic_corpseconversion Corpse Conversion
magic_bonearmour Bone Armour
magic_summon_skeleton Summon Skeleton
magic_poinsondart Poisonous Dart
magic_deadhands Deadhands
magic_poinsonshield Poison Shield
magic_summon_archer Summon Archer
magic_poinsoncloud Poisonous Cloud
magic_disease Disease
magic_leechaura Leech Aura
magic_summoun_ghoul Summon Ghoul
magic_necropower Necropower
magic_auraofdeath Aura of Death

Magical Amplifiers
magic_boost_damage Damage Booster
magic_boost_time Timer Booster
magic_boost_mana Mana Booster
magic_boost_level Level Booster
magic_boost_summon Summoning Booster

ing_01 Yellowroot
ing_02 Hemlock
ing_03 Screama Badilla
ing_04 Bloatroot
ing_05 Hot Rot
ing_06 Spurge
ing_07 Ostrich Plumes
ing_08 Blue Eye
ing_09 Adder Brother
ing_10 False Shoes
ing_11 Flagelle
ing_12 Lavender
ing_13 Tongues
ing_14 Paturin
ing_15 Swordleaf
ing_16 Traveller's Joy
ing_17 Centaurium
ing_18 Saffron
ing_19 Northern Frostroot
ing_20 Forest Burnhand
ing_21 Foxglove
ing_22 Diptame
ing_23 Eagleclaw
ing_24 Friend to Foe
ing_25 Anemone
ing_26 Might of Nine
ing_27 Mountain Breed
ing_28 Aconite
ing_29 Angelica
ing_30 Arborusia
ing_31 Rabbit Bladder
ing_32 Beaver Fat
ing_33 Goose Liver
ing_34 Unicorn Horn
ing_35 Dodo Feather
ing_36 Viper Poison Glands
ing_37 Grass Snake Tongue
ing_38 Rattle Snake Rattle
ing_39 Foodball
ing_40 Pearl
ing_41 Spider Gland
ing_42 Scorpion Poison Gland
ing_43 Trachidis Egg
ing_44 Dragon Scale
ing_45 Wolf Heart
ing_46 Bear Claw
ing_47 Boar Tusk
ing_48 Wyvern Lacrimal Gland
ing_49 Ripper Muscle
ing_50 Zombie Thyroid
ing_51 Werewolf Spinal Core
ing_52 Skeleton Bone Marrow
ing_53 Ghoul Brain
ing_54 Demon Eye
ing_55 Winged Demon Eye
ing_56 Headless Heart
ing_57 Earth Elemental Crystal
ing_58 Wing Membrane
ing_59 Meat
ing_60 Fox Liver
ing_61 Sulfur
ing_62 Salt Crystal
ing_63 Quartz Crystal
ing_64 Garnet stone
ing_65 Chalk stone
ing_66 Amber
ing_67 Diamant
ing_68 Rubin
ing_69 Opal
ing_70 Azurit
ing_71 Blood Stone
ing_72 Magnesite
ing_73 Sand Rose
ing_74 Glowing Earth
ing_75 Byrill
ing_76 Topas
ing_77 Silver
ing_78 Yellowroot (grene)
ing_79 Yellowroot (red)
ing_80 Yellowroot (blue)

Bonus Codes
1) Code: 3542-3274-8350-6064
Two-handed sword.
2) Code: 2765-1058-8103-1838
Krol's hammer.
3) Code: 4149-3083-9823-6545
armor Scales Dragon.
4) Code: 6972-5760-7685-8477
Old scroll
(Part of the quest)

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