Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Trainers, Cheats

Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Trainers, Cheats
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Need for Speed - Most Wanted: Trainer (+4) [1.3] {Roxor}
Numpad 1 > Infinite Money
Numpad 2 > INSTANT NOS
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Need For Speed: Most Wanted: Trainer (+14, Teleport) [1.3]

Works only Need For Speed: Most Wanted + Black Edition, Version 1.3! Features of this program:
- Any amount of Money (enter the desired amount of Money in the empty field and press Write Value and fix this amount Money Button - Get value)
- Teleport
- Infinite Nitro
- Infinite Speed ​​
- There will never be an arrest
- Freezing the pursuit of Time
- The deviation from the thorns
- On the engine No Oveheat
- No police
- Take-off Cars on speed (with camera work or just vertical take-off)
- No collision is also a through passage
- Activate All Cars 81- (83 Black Edition) - even those that were blocked
- Activate All auto parts and parts of tuning for All car brands
- Automobile parts
Note: The steeper your transport the more difficult it is to pass the race especially In the beginning of a career.

Advantage of the program: All the cheats that work in this program are working.
Disadvantages of the program: Because the Russian translation is not built in, after using the trainer, the Russian-language game becomes English, Language on the one that will be specified in the trainer in the section "Setting, " if the language is not specified, then it auto after the coach is closed remains English. This is treated by russifying the game (the package of russifiers is attached and instructions on how to install each of them - Total 4) When installing the russifiers in installers, specify the path to your game.

1) Option (Read Values) - Shcheatsvanie values ​​
2) Option (Write Values) - Create values ​​values

How to install: Start from anywhere, click in the trainer on the RUN THE GAME button, Minimize the game by pressing [Alt + Tab], use the keys you need indicated in the trainer - the Numpad keys are not working, set the GalPoints in the desired item to you manually. The main functions of the appointment of the coach and the work of the keys - translated into Russian, read and remember

The main functions of the appointment of the coach and the work of the keys - translated into Russian, read and remember

Get Value - Get value
Write Value - Save value

[b] Persecution
Infinite NOS - Infinite Nitro -> Numpad 1 ==> +1 Dodget Police Car (Nitro Cheat)
Infinite Speedbreaker- Infinite Speed ​​-> Numpad 2 ==> +1 Wrecked Police Car
Never Get Busted - There will never be an arrest -> Numpad 3 ==> +1 Passed Roadbloks
Freeze Pursuit-Time - Freeze Pursuit Time -> Numpad 4 ==> +1 Evaded Spike Strips ( Evaded from spikes)
No Police Backup - No police -> Numpad + ==> + 10.000 $ Bounty

E ==> Jump 6m Increase / Reduce range of flight
F ==> Toggle Ghost-Mode ON / OF No Collision also through passage

Enable All Cars - Activate All Cars
Enable All Carparts - Activate All auto parts and tuning parts for All car brands
Car parts 4 Free - Car parts 4

[b] Settings
Language / ENG - Select In language settings
* German - German
* English US - English USA
* Dutch - Dutch
* Italian - Italian
* Polish - Polish
* French - French
* English UK - English Great Britain
* Danish - Danish
* Spanish - Spanish
* Swedish - Swedish

[b] Settings
1) Read Values ​​- Shows the values ​​
2) The option (Write Values) - Create values ​​values ​​

[b] How to configure
</ 1. Click on "Scaling values ​​" to get the last values ​​from the registry
2. Now you CSN change the settings as you want.
3. Click on "Create values ​​" to save the settings in the registry

If you click on "Create values ​​values "without selecting any language, the language will be set on " English USA "

[b] The work of Teleport

Select on the map coach sign Store or AutoMaster, click on this symbol and fix with the key "Teleport " - Return to the game.
Help / RUS - Help

How to use this tool
1. Start the trainer from anywhere you can from the desktop click in the trainer on the run button (RUN THE GAME),
2. Start the game
3. Creturn game use the clamp of both keys [Alt + Tab] - in the trainer we specify the necessary actions (put galPoints)
4. Back in the game, play.

[b] Information:
Press on the button "Get value ". Now your actual Shouda Money-valuable appear.
Now you can change the value and Press button "Create Value " for its storage.
Never Busted - There will never be an arrest. > Busted - distance meter will still be a red notation - but do not be afraid !, you will never get arrested!
No police Backup = Disable backup-Timer.
No hit Engines - Your engine No Oveheat in Drag -Mode.

Toggle Ghost-Mode ON / OF = You will be able to pass through the passage through other vehicles and some obstacles. But be careful, if Ghost-Mode is turned on, then the police will arrest you very fast on the big distance! So make sure you turn on "never Busted - There will never be an arrest "!
need_for_speed99_most_wanted_v1.3_game-trainer_editor_teleporter.exe (24093)
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