Cities In Motion - Trainers, Cheats

Cities In Motion - Trainers, Cheats
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Enabling Cheat Functions
Open Text editor file config.script (settings.script) From the folder "Documents/Cities in Motion"
Find there the line:
$debug = false;
And change it on:
$debug = true;
Then add in the end of the section:
$disableDebug = false;

Save the file

Now you can use the following buttons for activating functions:
Button:.. Result:
[F1]..... Skip days (hold)
[F2]..... Run the current task
[F3]..... Add 10.000$
[F4]..... Skip Passengers (in Objectives)
[F12].... Open console

Cities In Motion Trainer +3v5.2.3.7
INSERT - Trainer Activation
Numpad 1 - Infinite MoneyY
Numpad + - Extra Zoom Approximate
Numpad (-) - Extra Zoom To postpone
HOME - Disable All
Cities-In-Motion-treyner-3v5.2.3.7.rar (12)
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