The Sims Medieval - Trainers, Cheats

The Sims Medieval - Trainers, Cheats
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THe Sims Medieval: Code (Teleport, change of characteristics, relations)
For starting Mastercode:
1. We go to the address "C: Program FilesElectronic Arts The Sims MedievalGameDataSharedNonPackagedIni "
2. Find the file Commands.ini
3. We remove protection from records.
4. In the line with Testingcheatsenabled we change the parameter from 0 on 1.
5. Install on the file protection from the record.
6. Run the game.

In the console you do not need to enter the code, it already works!
- Shift + Click on the area - Teleport - Shift + Click on Yourself - Change characteristics and Add characteristics for NPC
- Shift + Click on NPC - change the attitude of To NPC and you can take it in the family.
More has not figured out yet ... - Shift + Click on the icon Where is the fatigue shown Hunger and move the strip (to the right - full of hunger also with fatigue)
- Ctrl + Click on the task (main) and it will be executed.

[u] Ctrl + Shift + C for call Console in the Game itself and enter:

help - opens List All codes in Game
disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt on / off - when the code is enabled and simultaneously hold Alt objects will not be bound To cells This method can result in unpredictable results (crashes, glitches, hangs). In such a case I can advise Return all in the original condition.
Perhaps in the future the developer will allow to include the code through the console.
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