Spore - Trainers, Cheats

Spore - Trainers, Cheats
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Spore Trainer +11 {MrAntiFun} Last Version v18.09.2019
F1 - Unlimited Cell Health
F2 - Unlimited DNA Budget
F3 - Weak Cells
F4 - Creature Health
F5 - No Hunger Creature
F6 - Unlimited Pack Health
F7 - Weak Hunt Creatures
F8 - Unlimited Tribe Health
F9 - Unlimited city Money
F10 - Unlimited City Structures Health
F11 - Unlimited Space Stage Money

v18.09.2019 (0) v1.3.0 (0) v1.2.0 (787)


In Time game Press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [C] for Call Cheat menu.
Enter following Commands, to achieve the desired effect

addDNA - Increase Points DNA
freeCam - Free Cam
freedom - editor difficulty
levels - jump on the next Level
moreMoney - Increase Money
help - code list
refillMotives - Health
spaceCreate - Activate creation tools in space
unlockSuperWeapons - Open All Super Weapon
setConsequenceTrait - features list, to determineSuper Power
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