Counter-Strike 1.6 - Trainers, Cheats

Counter-Strike 1.6 - Trainers, Cheats
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OpenGL Multihack
Instructions For launching Chit:
1. file opengl32.dll To throw in the game folder.
2. Start CS 1.6.
3. Click Insert for launch menu.
--Manage the menu need arrows
Before you run Cheat, make sure that you costs in the Mode settings of the video OpenGL

Functions Chit:

opengl32-multi.rar (1415)

MPH Aimbot Release 22
Aim_Active - AIM ON/OFF
Aim_Deathmatch - Fire in Allies
Aim_Aimkey - Activation On the mouse button (1,2,3,4,5. 0 - OFF)
Aim_Aimthrough - Fire Through walls
Aim_Autoshoot - Auto Shot
Aim_NoSpread -
Aim_NoRecoil -
Aim_Silent - You are looking in one place, AIM is aiming real aim on Target, but you do not see it, and with deactivated AIM 'e the visible already coincides with the present. See - you will understand
Aim_Smooth - Smooth Pointing
Aim_Smoothtype - Type Smooth'
Aim_Aimspot - Place for guidance
Aim_Prediction - Prediction of the path Player in the direction of his motion
Aim_DrawAimspot - Activates the yellow dot on
Aim_FOV - Distance from the center of the screen, on which activated AIM
Aim_DrawFOV - Draw square
Aim_MinDistance - Min Distance from you, on which is no longer an AIM
Aim_DrawMinDistance - Draw a line MinDistance
Aim_NoTwitching - The Target after each Shot does not change

Esp_Style - 0 - ESP OFF/1 - Squares/2 - Circles
Esp_Visible - The outline becomes green when Player is visible
Esp_Size - Size Strokes
Esp_Width - Stroke height to To player

Wh_DrawPlayer - Players can see through the walls
Wh_DrawWeapon - Weapon seen through walls
Wh_ColorPlayer - Colored players
Wh_ColorWeapon - Draws Weapon
Wh_GlowGrenade - Visually surrounds Grenade with its corresponding color

Rad_Active - Radar Hack ON/OFF
Rad_x - The location of the radar field horizontally on the left
Rad_y - The vertical radar position of the radar field
Rad_w - The radar field width
Rad_h - The height of the radar field

Rem_RemoveSmoke - Removes smoke from smoke Grenades
Rem_RemoveFlash - Removes light from flash drives and shows, on how much% you are still blinded
Rem_DrawMessage - Removes messages in the center of the screen

1 - download Cheat from our site
2 - Unpack the archive with cheat in any convenient for you place.
3 - Start Counter-strike 1.6.
4 - Enter in the folder with the cheat and Start shortcut "aimbot.exe"
5 - We go on the server and fly)). menu Chit - "Insert", Mode Panic attacks - "Delete"

mph-aimbot-release-22.rar (461)

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