Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Trainers, Cheats

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Trainers, Cheats
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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Trainer +14 [1.0 - 1.0.5] {Mt-x}
Set Trainer , Choose the right game "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit", Then select the version and press the start button.
Alt + X - Disable All
Alt + F2 - Infinite Amount Nitro (Infinite nitrous oxide)
Alt + F3 - God Mode
Ctrl + F10 - Slow Down Opponents
Ctrl + F11 - Set All Weapon 5
Ctrl + F12 - Set All racer Weapon 5 (All Weapon for racer on 5)
Ctrl + F2 - racer Bounty 5000
Ctrl + F3 - Bounty 5000
Ctrl + F4 - Infinite Weapon (Infinite Weapon for All.racer)
Ctrl + F5 - Freeze Timer
Ctrl + F6 - No Time Executions
Ctrl + F7 - Stop Opponents
Ctrl + F8 - very Slow Opponents
Ctrl + F9- Slow Opponents
mt-x_1070_setup.rar (748)

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Trainer (+12) [] {CheatHappens}
Attention! Trainer requires authentication, which means you need to have an active Internet connection on the moment you start Trainer! Trainer is activated by the F1 key in the main game menu.

List Options:
Numpad 1: Add Violator Bounty (Add 5000 for racer)
Numpad 3: Add Enforcer Bounty (Add 5000 for police)
Numpad 5: Add Bounty in Event (Add 1000 in Mission)
Numpad 7: Proximity Freeze (Freeze "Proximity" in Missions Type "Catch and neutralize")
Numpad 9: No Damage
Numpad 0: Super Smash (Super hit)
Numpad *: Unlimited Nitro (Infinite Nitro)
Numpad /: Drain Nitro Challengers
Numpad .: Freeze Event Timer
F2 KEY: Unlimited Car Weapons (Infinite Weapon)
F3 KEY: Faster Weapon Refill
F4 KEY: Weapon Fuse Blown (protect from Weapon Opponents)
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