Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Trainers, Cheats

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Trainers, Cheats
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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Trainer +7 Update 02.02.2017 {HoG}
Numpad 0 - Infinite Health
Numpad 1 - One Hit Kill
Numpad 2 - Infinite Health companions
Numpad 3 - Infinite Items
Numpad 4 - Add 1000 Money
Numpad 5 - Stealth Mode
Numpad 6 - Always Best reputation
Assassins-Creed-Brotherhood-Trainer-7-Update-02.02.2017-HoG.rar (470)

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Trainer +8 v1.0 {MrAntiFun}
F1 - Infinite Health
F2 - Infinite Gadgets and Money
F3 - Infinite Knives
F4 - Stealth Mode
F5 - Infinite Assassin signal
F6 - Freeze Timer
F7 - Infinite Health Allies
Assassins-Creed-Brotherhood-treyner-8-v1.0-MrAntiFun.rar (765)

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Trainer +14 v1.3 {HoG}
F1 Activate The Trainer
Numpad 1 - Infinite Health
Numpad 2 - Infinite Ally Health
Numpad 3 - Stealth Mode
Numpad 4 - Infinite Weapons*
Numpad 5 - One Hit Kill
Numpad 6 - Infinite Knives
Numpad 7 - No Notoriety
Numpad 8 - Fast Assassin Level
Numpad 9 - Infinite Skill Points
Numpad / - Freeze Running Timer*
Numpad * - Civilians
F5 Save Position
F6 Load Position
F7 Undo Position
P.S. Note To Trainer functions, you can look in the .nfo file. (3856)

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood: Maps Flags

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Trainers, Cheats

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Trainers, Cheats

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Trainers, Cheats

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Trainers, Cheats

passing game Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Watch the movie, in which the story of the previous parts is told. We play for the same Ezio Auditor. The game continues exactly from the place on which the second part ended.

Massive outcome.

We follow Uncle Mario, mastering in the management and notMega improved combat system. We include eagle vision and climb up the highlighted path. The guards are killed quite simply, but sometimes they take a number. We reach the tower and jump off it.


Download on Horse for uncle.
You need to get to the villa in Monteriggioni.
There are several tasks at once. Take the one that is closest to us.

Recreation and entertainment.

We help the girl to bring a box of flowers. Press the corresponding button and, communicating, follow it.

Races and obstacles.

The groom missed his beloved Horse Mario. Fast catch up with her and, riding, return in the stable.


Climb the tower and communicate with mercenaries. It is necessary to find the one who prepared the guns, but did not finish his work. After the agreement, the engineer still agrees to complete his work. And we in turn can test the guns. Aiming, we destroy five dummies.


We leave on the villa, Where we plan a further plan of action. Rise on the second floor to rest.


In the morning, Borgia and his people are attacking the city. We must get to the guns and keep the force of the enemy until the townspeople hide in a safe place. We try to cover several enemy guns at once, in order to destroy as much as possible Amount for a limited time. Then choose the sword and go on to help the guards. In the main use for the Shield rack, causing counterstrikes. Since we are not Armor, we actively use the healing potion. From the attacks of especially protected enemies, one must evade. We hit with a foot and finish it.

Emergency exit.

After Mario was killed, we were wounded, we break through To the villa along with the assistants. Claudia is in danger, helping her. We go in the house, killing the meeting enemies. To shoot from gun, it is necessary to hold the corresponding button and keep hit. The further we hold the hit button, the more accurate the Shot will be. We leave the city through the tunnels.

We move in the present and watch the movie, in which we with the team, hiding from, get to the villa in Italy. Playing for Desmond, we follow the ghost of the assassin. After jumping Down, we find a cave. Going notMega ahead, use the lever so that Lucy can crawl through the grate. We climb the wall and move along the detour. Again intersecting, moving forward together. We get up on the platform and use it to get to the top. We pass uncomplicated tests until we reach the next lever. Lucy uses the switch, and now we can scramble up the wall and go on the other side. Holding the button, we wait until Lucy jumps over the platform. Dive in the water and go to her. Climb the wooden structure and get on the other side. Hold the button until Lucy runs over. Together we rise on the platform. Go to the edge and press the button. Further all the same scheme, we help her, then she to us. After reaching the sanctuary, we look around and, turning on the eagle's vision, we open the door. This place will be our new refuge. We leave on the street and activate First router. It remains to find another 3. With the eagle eye included, In the first place, Shields will glow with bright light, In the second, they can be found on power lines, which are also highlighted in the corresponding color. Search need not only on the territory of the villa, but also on Allmu town. We return in the shelter and we go in the Animus. We pass a small test from Rebecca, making up as long as possible a chain of kill.

Sequence 2.
Here are the tigers.

Wake up in the house, Where some woman cares for us. We dress and go to the doctor, because our Health is pretty spoiled. We reach the bell tower and climb up on it so that the guards do not notice. Synchronize the terrain, jump down. After listening to the conversation of the guards, we follow them. To stay out of their sight, you can use the crowd or benches. Already on the square we kill All to one, then we talk to the man.

Shoulder cases Master.

From the hill, the executioner observes, who promised to Kill him if he takes the hanged body of his lover. Climb up the hill, Where we see a small building. The roof can be hit in flight with a hidden blade. It remains only to escape from the crime scene.

The newcomer.

Machiavelli did not expect to see us, nevertheless, it is necessary to accompany him. On the way, we do not get Money. In the blacksmith shop buy Roman shoulder pads and short Weapon. Borgia is located in the restricted area. You can directly break through To him and Kill All the guards. To deal with him, we alternate hit with the foot and Attack with the sword. It remains only to seize the stable. For this we climb on the marked tower and set it on fire. We approach To the signboard to improve the stable.

Easy Money.

We sit on Horse and follow Machiavelli on Capitol Bridge. In the road become a victim of a thief, but very fast we catch up with him and take everything that is due to us.

To whom is the letter?

Our task is to meet with the agent and pick up the letter. We follow Machiavelli To the Coliseum. Having reached there, we fight back from the guards. Then we catch up with the courier who took the letter.

Crepi il Lupo.

We refer the letter of Machiavelli, which we took away the courier. Immediately under attack from Followers Romulus. Their Mega, so keep defensive Position using counterattacks.

Halls of Nero.

After discovering the refuge of Romulus Followers, we penetrate into it and go on search of the sanctuary. The first test is Activate four mechanisms. It's quite easy to do this. The starting point to all the mechanisms is a small stone near the column. When everything works on full power, the fountain will fall down. We jump in the water. We get out of the water and go in the passage, with the broken gate. We turn to the right, after passing a little to the right again. Climb on the construction and jump on the wall, grasping the ledges. Thus, we cross the closed gates. Before us is the territory covered with fire. Immediately turn right and climb up the ledges. We also pass through the territory covered by water. Next to the fire we climb on the wall. Having reached the balcony, we take the treasure from the chests and the Romulus Scroll. We get out through the opened hatch. We communicate with Machiavelli and follow him. Thanks to the tunnels, we can quickly move around the city. We leave in the refuge on Tiberina.

Sequence 3.
Warrior, lover and thief.

Climb the viewpoint to synchronize the territory. You can buy a blacksmith or a doctor. On the selection there are 3 tasks that can be performed in any order.

Between a hammer and an anvil.

After learning about the situation, we leave on the street and, without being distracted by the soldiers, we run after Captain Borgia. We catch up and kill him, preferably with a hidden blade. We reach the tower, To which the captain so strove, climb up on it and set fire to it. With the guards standing next to it is desirable to understand that they do not distract In Time climbing. Climb on the tower can be on the ledges, which are not conveniently located. If there are no ledges on one side, you need to look for them on the other. We return To Bartolomeo. Then we talk to the architect for updating the barracks of mercenaries.

Important negotiations.

Solari, the hostess of the institution, was captured in captivity by slavers. For ransom, you need to dial 2500 florians. Approach To passers-by and in brazen rob them by clicking the appropriate button. If you do this on the eyes of the guards, they will immediately find us for a thief and attack. However, by killing and searching them, we will receive not only Money, but and various useful Items. Like throwing knives, first-aid kits, etc. Especially Mega Money captains Borgia. However, they are very fast hiding, but if you have time to kill them, then the reward will be appropriate. Having typed the right amount, go to the slavers. We give Money, but they still kill the girl. Fast deal with them and return in. We meet my mother and sister. Claudia decides to help, replacing the deceased mistress. We speak with the architect to improve on the most 2500 florians that we collected.

Double agent.

La Volpe considers Machiavelli a traitor, Ezio, in turn, denies this. La Volpe proposes to overhear the conversation Machiavelli. We agree in order to arrange all the tPoints over i and persuade him to join To Brotherhood. We reach the market on a meeting with La Volpe. After observing what is happening, we protect the thief by destroying six archers until they killed him. We go along with the thief in the safe zone so that the guards do not notice. Reduce Level can be known in many different ways. For example, plucking up posters, chating the heralds, or killing officials. Becoming incognito, we return To La Volpe. We speak with the architect for the ren

Data collection.

After discussing the plan of action with like-minded people, we set off on reconnaissance. It is necessary to Set the location of Apple of Eden, Catherine Sforza, Cesare and Rodrigo Borgia. We speak with the agent.

Sequence 4.
The Lair of Thieves.

Catherine was captured and about to be tortured.

Stranger in the castle.

Before saving her, we must penetrate into the castle and Kill Cesaro with Rodrigo. Dive in water on the left side from the bridge. Climb the wall, remaining unnoticed. We jump in a haystack and wait until the guard approaches us to silently eliminate it. In principle it is difficult to remain constantly unnoticed, but if for you it is important to have full synchronization, you can try to trace the routes of the guards and try to sneak past them. If this is not so important, then you can make small mistakes, but again without attracting too much Mega attention, otherwise passing Mission will get too long. Control tPoints are clearly marked. On them and move around, watching the events taking place in the castle events. Saving Catherine from confinement can climb up on the roof, already from the patio to get inside the castle. Straightened with the pairs of points of the guards.

Fatal woman.

The only key from the camera is Lucrezia Borgia. We return In the courtyard, from there we rise on the highest point. Finding it, gently down Down. We deal with several guards and grab Lucretia in hostages. We drag it into the chamber of Katerina, straightening along the way with the guards.

The burden that we bear.

Having released Catherine, we take her on our hands and get out of the castle, destroying the encountered guards. The correct way is indicated by white holograms. We drop it Down on the haystack and we jump after ourselves, but do not rush out. We wait until the guard passes to make a mortal seizure. We continue to go. When we come across closed gates, on the right we see the mechanism that opens them. Then we go up the first stairs that fall, Where There'll be One more mechanism.

For Forli's Shield.

Having planted Katerina on a horse, jump forward, not reacting to the guards. Rushing across the bridge, our paths diverge, but we, in turn, fight with enemies, until Timer expires. For this Time Katerina will have time to hide. Continue the battle does not make sense, so uRunayem. Hiding, reduce fame and go for the next task.

A man from the people.

To strengthen our force, we need more like-minded people. On a mini map marked places, Where guards attack on civilians. Defend the Romans, then persuade them to join the Guild of Assassins. First you can hit from a distance using Knives or Crossbow and then finish with the sword. Now we can call assistants of the Assassins at any time by pressing the corresponding button.


A crying girl reports that Malfatto is killing innocent young ladies. It is necessary to find and Kill it. Fast follow the courtesans, which are marked on the mini map by the blue Target. Finding Malfatto, we run after him. You can order the Assassin pupils Kill him, approaching To the target fairly close, until it illuminates. The more often we call them, the more experience they get.

Load - People.

We speak with the boy and find out that Silvestro Sabatini kidnapped people and disappeared. We reach the green zone on the mini map, turn on and, after discovering Silvestro, follow it. You can not come across on his eyes, In order to avoid desynchronization. He will lead us to the slaves. Having arrived on the site, it is better to summon assistants, so it will be easier to cope with the goals. Depriving them, we go in the pigeon. Here we can improve the equipment of assassins-students.

Unexpected guest.

We hear a voice and try to find out where it comes from. For this we go Down the stairs and directly on the turn interact with the highlighted box. Unknown is our old friend Leonardo. He sends us a map on which Combat Cars locations are marked. We will work on their destruction. Sit down on the bench and buy Leonardo latest inventions.

The plan of the campaign.

To get a map with the location of Combat Cars, you need Kill the Templar - the overseer, which you can detect. On the way you can take in the help of mercenaries. Headed to the gate.

Fire power.

So, our target drawings are the battle car that Destroy needs at all costs. We can not be found out, it will lead to desynchronization. We move only on the roofs and heights. After destroying them, we climb up, we jump off the other side. Having crept, we set fire to the bPoints and Fast from the Run on the safe Distance. We start after the cart with the machine gun. After catching up and taking it under control, we try to hide, ramming Opponents on horses. Also, we follow Health, for the time being cured. Further more. We get behind the machine gun and start shooting the approaching enemies. Due to the low level of To demand, opponents are destroyed very simply. In the end we jump off the wagon and carry it in chips.


We reach the shelter. We communicate with Machiavelli, Claudia, La Volpe and Caterina. Then we look at the map lying on the table. We leave asylum.

Sequence 5.

We leave in the brothel, on the conversation with Claudia.

Return of debts.

Senator Egidio will help us find the location of the Banker. We reach the Capitol Hill. We turn on and, having found out the senator, we protect him from the guards. Next, we accompany to a safe place, preferably bypassing the guards. To pay the Senator's debt to the Banker it is necessary to collect 3000 florins. You can do this in various ways. For example, stealing passers-by (the simplest option), or doing quests, etc.

On the trail Money.

We follow Egidio To Banker. After listening to the conversation between the senator and the guards, we go down and continue tracking. Penetrate in the Pantheon can be through the roof to climb on the roof you need to go in the back of the building. We start to climb on the destroyed column. Having reached the very top, look down and watch Captain Borgia, who counts Money. Gently down we go Down, so that he does not notice, and in jumping we kill him with a hidden blade.

in a strange monastery:

Having changed into a captain's uniform, grab a trunk and lead the guards to the Banker. By their reaction, you can find the right way.

One leg is here:

The guards found the body of the captain, so follow the guards that Money Banker carries, not falling on their eyes. It is advisable to hire courtesans to make it easier to pass through the restricted area. Also sometimes we use hay, for the destruction of individual Opponents. We continue to shadow the Banker, using the crowd and courtesans as a cover. Arriving on the party, first of all dive in the hay and destroy the guard. Turn left and mix with the crowd. When the Banker passes, we call the assassins - assistants, who will complete our business. Or you can first get rid of the guards following him, and close up, using courtesans, Kill. Or inall use clever tricks, For example, send guards a venomous blade and in the turmoil of an inconspicuous Kill Banker. We hide, without being distracted by the guards, t. To. Their too Mega.


The guards attacked on after they found out that the DevPoints had stolen Money. Enjoying the movie.

Sequence 6.
Baron De Valois.

Call the horse and go on help to Bartolomeo.

The gatekeeper.

Our task is to close the three gates so that the French can not capture the barracks. It is not so easy to do it when we are constantly attacked. Therefore, on fights with opponents it is advisable not to be distracted, to concentrate on closing the gate. To bypass the clusters of enemies, do not provoke them, if necessary use smoke bombs, because Time is limited. Having blocked All the ways, you can calmly deal with the French. Next, we sit on the horse and sketch for Bartolomeo to Camp Valois. To break through there we are not strong enough, so we retreat on Time.

The French kiss.

After discussing the plan with Bartolomeo, we go kill the French. We need their armor, but they should not be stained with blood. Use the blade for kill. Do not confuse the French with the guards of Borgia. French uniforms blue, guardians Borgia red. Territories, Where the French live, are marked on a mini map.

The Trojan horse.

Bartolomeo in captivity, follow him and his mercenaries. Along the way, we imperceptibly destroy the French on outposts. Exterminate them one by one, in a short Time, until they realized who really costs in front of them. You can also get ahead of the mercenaries, arriving on the outposts before them. In this case on a competent layout we will be much more Time. In this case, we can not go far from Commands, this threatens desynchronization. After small negotiations, we penetrate the fortress and go towards De Valois. He refuses to let go of Bartolomeo's wife, after which we begin the attack. We kill 3 goals.


De Valois escaped. On the roofs we reach the other end of the fortress and descend to the gate. We deal with four guards and open the gates. It is impossible for the French to find us, so we go on the left side. Here we will meet Total only two guards, In the courtyard itself de Valois, whom it is desirable to Kill from Weapon ranged (gun, crossbow).

Sequence 7.
The key to the lock.

Reducing popularity, if it is increased and we go to the tavern, to meet with La Volpe.

Shut up leak.

Somebody is clearly reporting about our plans to the enemies. All suspicions on Machiavelli. The guild of thieves is about to find out. We leave on the street and reflect Attack Opponents. Then we sit on the horse and follow La Volpe, save the other thieves. Defending them, we learn the latest news.

For access to the next Mission, you need four assassins-recruits. We release the Romans from the clutches of the guards.

All on help!

We reach the eastern gate, from where we begin shadowing for Mikiletto. When he hands over the costume for the performance to the guards, we assign Destroy Assassins the goals, we ourselves continue to track down Micheletto. And finally, after tracing it to the end, we find out where the performance is taking place.

Exit on the scene.

We penetrate the Colosseum, following the marked tracks. Climb on the very top. The camera graciously indicates the way in which it is best to move. Destroy four shooters, preferably from a distance. We go behind the scenes, To disguised assassins. Also change clothes and go out on stage, through One single pass, marked on mini map. Fast turn on the eagle's vision and get up on the highlighted area. We move in a circle until we are closer to Total To the scene. Again we include eagle vision and attack on Mikiletto, but we do not kill him.


We release Pietro, take it on our hands and get to the nearest doctor. Directly near the bench on the meeting can get caught guards, you can wait until they pass or call the assassins on the help. Get the key from Pietro and see the thief traitor, who allegedly helped us in time of the attack on the villa. We rush after him. After catching up, we receive a letter as proof that Machiavelli was not involved in the betrayal. For a limited Time we get to La Volpe, who in a minute going to Kill Machiavelli, and stop him.

Sequence 8.

We reach the castle of Sant'Angelo, having been prepared in advance.


The Pope is nearby, our task is to find him. Climb up, guided by the marks. In the castle returns to Cesare. He is in a bad mood and eager to see the pope. Go to the secret door and use the key obtained from Pietro. Hence, small trials begin. We climbed up, starting with the boxes on the left side. And so until the end of the completion of the memory.

On an apple in a day:

Enjoying the movie. Cesare is angry with the Pope and demands from him the Apple of Eden. Dad does not agree, after which Cesare attacks Lucretia, with Target to find out the whereabouts of Yabloko. We reach them, but too late. We learn that Cesare fled with Yabloko. We leave the castle through the main gate. Exit intersect with Cesare. He is blocking our path. The camera shows the way up. For this we leave slightly back. We repulse from the walls and move along the horizontal bars, then climb up. We jump off the tower straight on hay. Having run not yetMega, we jump in the water. Now for a limited time we have to get to St. Peter's Basilica. The guards will follow us, however, we must arrive in Basil No. Turn it on to find the Gold Dome.

Apple of Eden.

Interact with the dome and take the Apple of Eden. Cesare wants to pick up Apple and sets up guards on us. Ezio uses the crushing Power of Eden. After that, they kill Yourself. But there are still not a dozen enemies, so we simply run, that there are forces, until we leave the territory of the Vatican and we do not become incognito. If you want, you can indulge in a new one. Apple can automatically restore Health, but when using it, Level Health drops noticeably.


We get to the clusters of enemy forces. We are in the hands of the only Weapon-the Apple of Eden. So, the longer we hold the corresponding button, the greater the damage radius. The radius can be seen from the increasing yellow circle on the ground. The white circle means the instant death of All who fall into it. Power Attack directly depends on Health. Do not bring Ezio to complete exhaustion. Thus, we destroy five goals.

The danger.

We leave on Cesare's secret meeting with the cardinals to disrupt her. On the green site, on the mini map, find the cardinal and start watching him. Occurring on the path of the guards can be destroyed with the help of an apple, until the cardinal sees, or by calling assassins. We break off the meeting and, as usual, deal with the soldiers of Borgia.

All roads lead:

Cesare gathered All his soldiers near the main gate of Rome. Advance to him and start the fight, using All his force, including assassins. Destroying All, watch the movie. Cesare is arrested on charges of treason and murder.

Sequence 9.
The fall.

Cesare's last words before the arrest seemed very suspicious. We use Apple to find out the truth. We leave for him. Fast click on the corresponding button. Kill it failed, we continue to fight with opponents.

The Roman world.

We use the horse to get to the olive grove. We jump over the ruined bridge and move along the olive grove already on our own, destroying dozens of guards of Borgia. We reach the siege tower and climb it. Jump down. We reach the gate of the castle and climb on one more tower. Finally overtake Cesari and begin to fight him. It is strong beyond the Shield, so the fight will be in 3 stages. Best hit tactics + a series of attacks. Periodically, the guards will appear, preferably first Kill them, and only then continue the fight with Cesare. In Time short quick time events Fast click the appropriate button, and chip the Armor part from its body. Watch the trailer.

We return in the present. Now we know where is the Apple of Eden, but the password for opening the room with the location of Apple is not. We play for Desmond. We try to get out on the surface, turn on and see some numbers on the wall. Sean helps to decipher the numbers, and they really turn out to be a password. We leave in the Colosseum. We pass the simplest tests. Jump down and turn left, then left again. We climb up the generator. Further everything is simple: the camera graciously indicates the right way. The generators are, as it were, the path indicators. Therefore, if confused - looking for them. Having completed, activate. We see the red icons on the walls, with yellow circles. In this order and interact with them. We pass forward through the secret door. We follow the hologram, passing uncomplicated trials. We turn on again and open one more secret door. We climb up and are in the church. Enjoying the movie. We pass forward and follow the shadow of the assassin. Activate the mechanism. We turn left and again pass light tests. We reach the next lever. Going Down. In the hall with the location of Apple Eden is necessary to Activate All horizontal bars. By activating each horizontal bar, a new path will open, otherwise it will disappear (if you select the wrong one of the two). We are watching the final video.

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